Electronic Inspection

Our systems combine automation, image acquisition and data analysis. We offer inspection systems for the production of circuit boards, tracks as well as printed and flexible electronics (displays).

Intego's knowhow even makes it possible to identify challenging defects that may be located under the surface. One system is the inspection of chips by means of lock-in thermography, which visually represents the IR radiation intensity signal of electronics. Special lasers and flash lamps generate a very short heat impulse (10 ms) on the chip, which generates a measurable heat flow. In most cases, a resolution of < 1 μm can be achieved.

The installation of high performance microelectronics in high temperature environments requires the use of ceramic circuit boards. The mechanical integrity of the manufactured and component loaded ceramic substrates is an important criterion. The Intego system for ceramics offers new solutions for the vision inspection in your production line.

Intego is a specialist in high resolution inspection of small structures on electronics (components, lithography, SMDs). The possible inspection objectives as well as the available measuring units are determined by the capabilities of the microscope scanner.

• Electronic devices
• Microscope resolution

• Microcracks, inclusions
• Measurements