Semiconductor Inspection

Our automated inspection systems ensure high standards and the quality of products in the semiconductor industry. Testing the basic substrates and intermediate products for defects is an important step in precisely characterizing component properties and manufacturing processes. A high reproducibility and absolute accuracy of the measurements is emphasized. The measurements are carried out continuously and include live statistics.

The microscope scanner for testing LEDs, OLEDs, MEMS is based on an automated platform that enables high throughputs. Typical resolutions of 0.5 μm to 5 μm are achieved in combination with lighting techniques from the UV-VIS-IR spectral range.

Intego offers Inspection solutions for various semiconductor compounds (SiC, GaAs, etc.). In this context, a novel photoluminescence scanner for SiC wafers was developed. Critical defects such as stacking defects (SDs) and basal dislocations (BPDs) in substrates and epiwafers can thus be reliably detected. Photoluminescence is also used in our MODULUM system for wafer inspection (Si, SiC, GaAs, GaN, Ge).

We have many applications in the following fields:

• Inspection of LEDs, OLEDs, MEMS
• High throughput, inline process

• Inspection of SiC wafer
• Characterization of crystallographic defects