Surface Inspection

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High-grade plastic parts have to be inspected for surface defects before assembly. The quality standards in many industries such as the automotive, medical engineering or semiconductor industries require an automated, 100 % inspection rate with a fast cycle time. If plastics parts with surface defects are processed further, the defects will result in degradation of the part's function (e.g. displays). Particularly for high gloss or coated surfaces, the appearance of small esthetic defects is very annoying. Furthermore, such defects could cause complaints about the entire part production series and may consequently generate high costs.

The inspection is still often performed manually by an operator, which leads to non-reproducible measurements in addition to expenses.

Performance data

Our vision systems provide a fully automated solution for this inspection task. The list of defects given below are particularly relevant to the inspection of surfaces.

  • Contaminant inclusions: Inclusions or marks originating from particles, dust, fibers, or lacquer residue are the defects that most frequently appear.
  • Mechanical damaging: Damages on the surface such as scratches, streaks or chippings are identified.
  • Adhesion and adsorbance defects: Bubbles in the lacquer are detected.

Further options

The system can be offered as a stand-alone system or it can be fully integrated into an existing station in your production line. Intego also provides solutions for the automation of part handling (including robots) and sorting. Connecting the vision system to the MES of your production is feasible.

In association with the automated inspection of surfaces, it is often necessary to scan the volume of transparent plastics for defects. Intego systems help you to combine both inspection goals.

If you need an individual solution, Intego offers free-of-charge feasibility studies to investigate your samples. The resulting report includes a proposal for the physical-technical measurement concept and the system design, including the integration, as well as an estimate of the costs. Please contact us.

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