Ceramic Inspection

Raise efficiency of your production

The installation of high performance microelectronics in high temperature environments requires the use of ceramic circuit boards. The mechanical integrity of the manufactured and component loaded ceramic substrates is an important criterion. The Intego system offers new solutions for the vision inspection in your production line.



Particular attention is paid to the following mechanical defects.

  • Cracks, flakes, scoring lines, scratches
  • Geometry measurement (flatness, perforations)
  • Inclusions, sintering residue


Performance data

Such defects can lead to breakage and thus to the failure of entire components. Identifying adherent particles is also critical. On the one hand, our high tech vision systems are capable of inspecting raw ceramics. On the other hand, ceramics with tracks or different circuit board layouts and mounting levels can also be inspected, in addition to finished modules. The inspection objectives are

  • Print layout (structure, width, short circuits)
  • Bonded electronic components (arrangement, completeness)

Further options

If you require an individual solution, Intego offers free-of-charge feasibility studies based on sample parts. The prepared study will include a system design with draft specifications and a price estimate. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.